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Artículo This week’s most viral sex video: shot on a plane and not remotely pornographic News


This week’s most viral sex video: shot on a plane and not remotely pornographic



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13 Julio 2017 08:54

This couple was caught leaving an aeroplane toilet… his face says it all

Sad fact: ‘Can’t people even fuck in the privacy of an airplane toilet without being filmed anymore?’

This week’s most popular sex video is not even mildly pornographic: just a door, a look of disappointment and another of supreme satisfaction.

Let’s be honest, if you orgasm in the micro-toilet of an aeroplane, even the most innocent of passengers will know the kind of mischief you’ve been up to. And if some bright spark at the front of the plane has his mobile to hand, it’s not just the passengers and crew that are going to find out...


The scene was filmed by a man called David Eve on a Virgin Atlantic flight between London and Miami. Precisely what’s going on in the images needs little explanation. Nine million views, and counting...

The video has become so popular that even the airline itself has commented on the original Facebook post by LADbible.

And, of course, someone was bound to take offence.

And the perfectly timed comeback to stop Shivanan ruining everyone’s fun (Oh and, and she really does only have 12 friends on Facebook).

Doesn’t anyone value how much effort it would have taken to get down to business in 1 m²?

She doesn’t look so blown away by the whole experience.

Although maybe that’s just because she’s realised they’ve been caught red-handed.

He, on the other hand, looks as pleased as punch.

And David Eve, the rascal, also looks like he’s enjoying himself.

If only we could go back to the '80s for a weekend, just to have a sneaky shag wherever we feel like without it being posted on YouTube.