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Artículo Tourist gang-raped after her partner is beaten unconscious News


Tourist gang-raped after her partner is beaten unconscious



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30 Agosto 2017 07:16

Northern Italy is in shock over the incident

A Polish tourist was raped repeatedly by a group of four men on a beach in Italy. Before assaulting the young woman, the attackers beat her boyfriend until he was unconscious and robbed him, according to the Italian police.

The incident took place in Rimini, in the north of the country, last Saturday at 4am. The European couple were lying in hammocks on one of the beaches when suddenly the four men appeared.

‘They hit me in the face with a bottle. There were four of them, they were like bears. I passed out’, the man told the Italian media.

After raping the woman, the assailants threw her into the water. The cries of panic and the image of the couple covered in blood and lying on the seafront alerted several passersby to the crime, who called the police.

The case has yet to see an arrest, but initial investigations indicate that the four suspects were acting under the influence of alcohol and drugs. ‘This was a brutal and bestial attack’, the city’s police force said in a statement.