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Two European triathletes get trounced by a Colombian campesino: ‘This guy is making us look ridiculous’



Antonio J. Rodríguez

11 Enero 2017 17:41

‘This guy is making us look ridiculous’.

The humbling moment took place as the two European triathletes were cycling between Dadeiba and Antioquia in the Colombian Andes. Frenchman Axel Carion and Swede Andreas Fabricius had trained hard for their gruelling 7,000-mile trip across South America. Their journey, which they’re aiming to complete in a record-breaking 58 days, began on January 1 in Cartagena. Their noble goal is to raise money for the charity Firemen Without Borders.

Just 48 hours into their trip, Carion and Fabricius watched as Luis, a campesino from Antioquia, overtook them on the uphill climb as he cycled home. Luis is 63 and – despite using a city bike, wearing jeans, and carrying a heavy sack – he whizzed past the pair.

‘Andreas is getting ridiculed right now,’ says Carrion, who filmed the scene from behind. ‘We are in pain here,’ he jokes. The video has already been seen more than two million times.

Luis, like many of the campesinos living in western Antioquia, is used to cycling long distances at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres.

Although the triathletes took their thrashing in good humour, they couldn’t resist getting their excuses in: ‘We were really tired from the intense heat. Plus we’d been riding 200 kilometres a day from the start,’ they told Verne. That’s one defeat they’ll never forget.