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Artículo Two tourists filmed hitting and kicking a bus driver in Ibiza News


Two tourists filmed hitting and kicking a bus driver in Ibiza



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18 Agosto 2017 07:57

They tried to trick the driver into letting them on the bus and then the violence started

A young Spanish couple try to board a bus in Ibiza. The bus, which carries tourists from the centre to nightclubs across the island, belongs to a private company. But the couple only have public transportation tickets, not valid for this type of bus. The driver refuses them entry and then the violence starts. And it's all captured on video.

The footage shows the bus driver attempting to immobilise the young man by holding him to the ground. The woman then hits and kicks the driver from behind, while the man also kicks at him. The woman even attempts to pull down the driver's pants and trousers. The sorry scene is filmed by a British tourist who also provides narration: 'So, we're just casually watching a fight. One is a bus driver... Really not sure what's going on now.' A few more witnesses stand by and watch without intervening. 

Eventually, the driver – who is about three times older than his assailants – manages to immobilise the young man with the help of several passersby. The woman is held back by others present.

The Ibizan government has condemned the aggression and expressed its 'absolute' rejection of this type of violence.