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Artículo UK police helicopter crew in court for filming naked people and couple having sex News


UK police helicopter crew in court for filming naked people and couple having sex



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19 Julio 2017 12:05

The officers and pilots used helicopter cameras to film illicit material, a court heard

Have you ever wondered what those police helicopters circling overhead are looking for? And if they are chasing the big, bad guys of the world? Well, it appears, sometimes they’re just chasing tail.

Five police helicopter crew members appeared in court after a powerful video camera was used to capture footage of a couple having sex in their garden, people sunbathing naked and naturists enjoying themselves on a campsite.

The South Yorkshire police crew are accused of ‘a gross waste of valuable resources’ by utilising the helicopter to film illicit material, The Guardian reported at Sheffield crown court yesterday. Two officers and three pilots were onboard when the recordings were made, prompting outrage from some of those filmed. One woman was sunbathing naked in the privacy of her garden with her daughters, aged 18 and 15, when the footage was recorded, which she says makes her feel ‘sick’ and is a ‘complete and utter violation’ of privacy. Prosecutor Richard Wright QC told the jury: ‘They used the unique viewing position afforded to them, together with the powerful video camera with which the helicopter is equipped, to video members of the public engaged in private activities in a gross violation of their privacy.

‘On three separate occasions, they filmed a total of five people sunbathing naked in private and, on another occasion, they filmed a couple having sexual intercourse in their own garden.’

But, the couple engaged in naughty business were allegedly more than happy to put on a show for the cameras, in fact, according to the prosecution, they were swinger friends of one of the pilots. Adrian Pogmore, 50, formerly of South Yorkshire police, used his position as air observer to catch his mates in the act as they are involved in the swinging scene, The Guardian reported at court. According to Wright, the ‘brazen’ couple put on a show for the officers and the woman waved at the aircraft during sexual intercourse with a man solely wearing a Manchester United football shirt. The eight-minute footage from July 2008 saw the pair engage in a number of sexual positions and acts on the patio of their suburban garden. ‘As you will see in a moment, the couple who were filmed on this occasion were very much aware that they were being observed; indeed, they seem to relish it,’ Wright said. ‘The reason that this couple are so happy to be recorded engaging in sexual intercourse is that they are friends of Mr Pogmore and shared his sexual interest in the swinging scene. You may hope that the police helicopter is chasing down criminals and keeping the community safe. You may never imagine that in fact it is being used to film a pair of swingers in the throes of sexual passion for the entertainment of the crew,’ he added. Pogmore has already pleaded guilty to misconduct in a public office so did not appear in court.

Matthew Lucas, 42, and Lee Walls, 47, serving South Yorkshire police officers, Malcolm Reeves, 64, a retired pilot, and Matthew Loosemore, 45, a former pilot with the force, deny misconduct in a public office and have claimed Pogmore is responsible for the filming, the court heard.

‘This was a deliberate invasion of their (people being filmed) privacy for, at the very least, the inappropriate amusement of the crew, and at worst, for their sexual gratification,’ Wright said to the jury.

Prosecution comes from recordings discovered in Pogmore’s desk drawer at a police station in 2015. The trial is touted to last three weeks.