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Artículo Video of skeletal sun bears begging for food causes outrage News


Video of skeletal sun bears begging for food causes outrage



Antonio J. Rodríguez

23 Enero 2017 16:43

‘It’s hell on earth for all these poor animals.’


Warning: this footage is distressing and might just ruin your day.

This is what a sun bear looks like when it’s healthy and free.


A far cry from the sad, sick and malnourished animals in the following videos.



The heart-breaking clips were shot by the wildlife protection group Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group in Bandung Zoo in Indonesia.

The bears are so hungry that they’re forced to beg visitors for junk food, even going so far as to eat their own faeces – totally unnatural behaviour for them.

The same zoo was accused of negligence last year after the death of a Sumatran elephant.

The comments left by visitors on the zoo’s TripAdvisor page give a deeply unfavourable account of the squalid condition of the facilities.

‘I couldn’t believe how disgusting and unclean this place was,’ says one commentator. ‘The animals are poorly maintained, underfed and generally ignored.’

‘Rusty cages, dirt and neglected animals. Some are very thin. It’s hell on earth for all these poor animals,’ commented another visitor.

Sun bears are native to the forests of southwestern Asia and are currently considered a vulnerable species.

This isn’t the first zoo in Indonesia to make headlines for its poor conditions. So many animals have perished at Surabaya Zoo that wildlife activists call it the ‘zoo of death’.

If you’re appalled by the footage, and are looking for a way to help, then we have some good news for you: an online petition has been launched in response to the videos with the aim of closing down Bandung Zoo immediately. The petition already has almost 500,000 signatories.