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Artículo White nationalist murderer executed by new lethal drug in Florida News


White nationalist murderer executed by new lethal drug in Florida



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25 Agosto 2017 09:33

Mark Asay is the first white person to be executed for killing non-white victims

A white supremacist who murdered two people in racially-motivated crimes in 1987 has been executed by lethal injection in Florida.

Mark Asay, 53, has made history by becoming the first white man to be executed for killing a black victim, the Death Penalty Information Center claimed. Not only was this the first execution in Florida in 18 months, but it was carried out using a new cocktail of drugs - etomidate, an anaesthetic, and rocuronium bromide and potassium acetate - because formerly used midazolam was found to cause unnecessary suffering. Asay was found guilty of murder by a jury after he shot two men, Robert Lee Brooker, a black citizen, and Robert McDowell, a white-hispanic man, in Jacksonville three decades ago.

Prosecutors said Asay had hired McDowell for sex under the pretence of being a female sex worker, as the victim was dressed as a woman, but shot him after discovering his gender.

Florida state reinstated death penalties in 1976, and since 20 black men have been executed for killing white people, in comparison to one white perpetrator euthanised for killing non-white citizens.

Asay admitted to killing McDowell, but denied the murder of Brooker.

Although the new drug etomidate was introduced to lessen the pain of execution by lethal injection, one judge warned that allowing an unproven cocktail to be administered ‘jeopardised Asay's fundamental constitutional rights and treated him as the proverbial guinea pig’.