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Artículo Why has Facebook been invaded by flocks of purple pigeons? News


Why has Facebook been invaded by flocks of purple pigeons?



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17 Febrero 2017 18:14

The epileptic dove that's conquered Facebook.

Everything you need to know about Trash Doves: the newest viral sticker.

We'll admit it. When this purple pigeon came flocking to our Facebook Page we began to get a little paranoid. Alright, I'll say it: a lot paranoid.

Why were our readers bombarding us with epileptic birds? We started a debate in our Facebook Group about what it might all mean. 

Was it sabotage committed by our competitors? Some strange new type of virus? And, above all, why did we find ourselves so mesmerised by the bird's frenzied headbanging? 

Finally – after suffering through a tense few days – we have some answers.

It turns out that the weird-looking creatures have a name: Trash Doves. They're the creation of Syd Weiler, a Florida designer who still can't quite believe how her freaky fowls have taken over the internet.

Trash Doves hit Facebook on 31 January.

The craze kicked off in Thailand, where this video of a Trash Dove having a headbanging contest with a cat became a sensation across the country.

From there, it spread worldwide. Other digital media sources began to notice the same phenomenon we did: Trash Doves were mysteriously inundating their comment threads. One man commented 92 times in a row with the same gif of the purple pigeon under a New York Times article.

Trash Doves has become so popular, so quickly, that their creator felt she should say thank you to everyone.

But especially to Thailand...

And she also made a Trash Doves Facebook Page so that people can share their passion for the purple pigeons with other fans from all over the world.

And of course, memes and fan art inspired by the Trash Doves are springing up all over the internet.

Spotted this morning. Better ride the tube more often. #trashdoves #everywhere #subway #amazing

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How long do you think it will be before the first Trash Dove devotees start getting them as tattoos?