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Artículo Why is there a seat with a penis in the Mexico City Metro? News


Why is there a seat with a penis in the Mexico City Metro?



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04 Abril 2017 18:08

A novel way to raise awareness of everyday sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is so systematic and commonplace that a simple stroll through almost any city can expose women to offensive comments, unsolicited compliments, stalking and groping. And public transport is one of the worst places for such behaviour. 

Harassers often take advantage of the tightly-packed crowds on buses and trains to put their hands where they shouldn't or rub up against female passengers.

It is such types of sexual molestation that a new campaign in the Mexico City Metro is seeking to draw attention to. They installed a special seat moulded into the form of a man's torso and groin on one of the trains.  

'It's uncomfortable sitting here but it doesn't compare with the sexual violence that women suffer in their everyday lives,' says a plaque placed at the feet of the seat, which is reserved exclusively for male passengers.

A video recorded with a hidden camera shows the range of passengers' reactions: disgust, displeasure, anger, and, in some cases, understanding.

At the end of the video, a message on a black background reveals an uncomfortable truth: 9 out of 10 women in Mexico City have been victims of some form of sexual violence. In the face of such outrageous statistics, the city had already designated special female-only carriages on trains and buses.

Perhaps a penis-seat won't stop women from being harassed, but it will surely open people's eyes to the depressing reality of everyday sexual aggression.