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Artículo Wiz Khalifa causes a ruckus in Colombia by smoking a joint beside Pablo Escobar's tomb News


Wiz Khalifa causes a ruckus in Colombia by smoking a joint beside Pablo Escobar's tomb



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30 Marzo 2017 16:02

Of all the places in Colombia the rapper could have chosen to smoke marijuana, Khalifa picked the grave of one of the bloodiest drug lords in history

What was rapper Wiz Khalifa doing smoking a joint next to Pablo Escobar's tomb? 

The fascination that many rappers have for drug traffickers is well known. Take, for example, Scarface, whose name is inspired by the movie of the same name in which Al Pacino sells and sniffs cocaine like there was no tomorrow.

Perhaps the series Narcos is this generation's Scarface. Pablo Escobar featured heavily in the first season, and he has since been widely referenced throughout the hip hop world: Nas took the drug baron's name as a nickname, while one of the Pablos in Kanye West's Life of Pablo was Pablo Escobar.

We're not sure whether to add Wiz Khalifa's graveside jaunt-and-joint stunt to this trend of tributes to 'The King of Cocaine', or whether it was simply a bit of mischief on the part of the rapper. 

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The photos, uploaded to Instagram by Khalifa, were taken during his tour of Colombia last week. The Pittsburgh rapper left flowers on Escobar's grave, located next to the narco's former apartment in Medellin. Khalifa also had his photo taken at the site smoking a spliff.

Under Escobar's reign, an estimated five to ten thousand people lost their lives in Medellin during the 80s and 90s, so perhaps it's not surprising that most Colombians weren't too amused by Khalifa's caper. The mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutiérrez, was so angered by the incident that he called the rapper a 'scoundrel'.

'Instead of bringing flowers to Pablo Escobar, he should have brought flowers to the victims of violence in this city,' he added.

It's not the first time that Gutiérrez has come into conflict with an artist over this issue. When reggaeton musician J. Álvarez, uploaded a photo of himself wearing a Pablo Escobar t-shirt, the mayor demanded he make a public apology.

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