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Artículo Woman reportedly killed someone dressed as a clown then married victim's husband News


Woman reportedly killed someone dressed as a clown then married victim's husband



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28 Septiembre 2017 11:01

The stuff of nightmares

With all the hype surrounding Stephen King’s It, currently in its second adaption in cinemas, everyone has killer clowns on the brain. And this story won’t help.

A woman was shot and killed by a person wearing white makeup, a clown costume, a red nose and an orange wig on May 26 1990. Marlene Warren, the victim, died two days later in hospital.

The clown had also handed Mrs Warren a basket of carnations and two balloons, one with a picture of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and the other emblazoned with the words: ‘You’re the Greatest.’

For over 27 years no arrests were made, until Tuesday 26 September of this year. Police have detained 54-year-old Sheila Keen-Warren on charges of first-degree murder.

Palm Beach County detectives suspected Keen and Ms. Warren’s husband, Michael Warren, were having an affair and may have played a role in the murder. According to neighbours, the pair frequently liaised at Keen’s apartment. However, circumstantial evidence couldn’t lead to any arrests. Even though a woman fitting Keen’s description had purchased a clown costume days before, and had bought a bouquet of flowers and balloons from a supermarket on the day of the crime. The case was closed until 2014, when it was reopened by the cold case unit of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators discovered Keen had married Mr Warren in 2002, and the couple were living together in Tennessee and running a restaurant. Authorities obtained an indictment for first-degree murder against Keen and she was arrested in Virginia on Tuesday. She is now awaiting extradition to Florida.