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Artículo World ranking of countries that know least about themselves News


World ranking of countries that know least about themselves



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15 Junio 2017 11:20

A study has revealed the world’s 10 most ignorant countries

Each time an American locates Spain in Mexico or Japan in China, we may well suspect that the US is the world’s most ignorant country. But if there’s ever a way to show your ignorance,  it’s by demonstrating that you lack basic information about your own country.

According to a study conducted by Ipsos MORI, these are the countries whose populations are least informed about their own surroundings:

1. Mexico

2. India

3. Brazil

4. Peru

5. New Zealand

6. Colombia

7. Belgium

8. South Africa

9. Argentina

10. Italy

To reach this conclusion, the pollsters asked people from 33 different countries questions about what percentage of their national population is obese or immigrant, for example. They asked 10 different questions on wealth, health, religion, work or politics, to come up with a comprehensive analysis on the collective wisdom of each of the countries in the study.


‘Mexico is the most ignorant of the 33 countries analysed’


‘Immigration and aging are two of the most controversial subjects’

In Argentina, for example, respondents said that 30% of the people there are immigrants, when in fact the number barely reaches 5%. Regarding inequality, in the UK respondents thought 1% of the population owned more than twice as much as the rest, but it doesn’t even come to a third of the total.

Another area to show a strong tendency for overestimation was aging.

Across the survey the average age was thought to be 50, when it is, in fact, 37. Brazilians were furthest out, with respondents setting the average at 56, when it’s actually 31.


‘The most ignorant area in the ranking is Latin America’

Perhaps the most underestimated subject is obesity, with respondents guessing, on average, at 40%, when it exceeds 54%. Saudi Arabia showed the highest discrepancy: 70% of the population is obese, as compared with the 25% suggested by respondents.

While the data is only based on what people think about their own countries, they are highly significant. The most ignorant zone, according to the study, is Latin America, which has up to 5 countries in the top 10 in the ranking.

Spain comes in a modest 20th, a long way from the top 10 but way ‘ahead’ of countries like South Korea or, indeed, the United States, which both occupy much better positions.