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Artículo Yes, this viral photo of Pompeii depicts exactly what you think it does News


Yes, this viral photo of Pompeii depicts exactly what you think it does



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06 Julio 2017 10:30

There are probably worse ways to go

When Mount Vesuvius erupted, the ash, lava and toxic gas caught the inhabitants of Pompeii by surprise. They died instantly, before they even knew what was happening. But this terrible tragedy has one positive aspect for us today: it gives us the chance to see what everyday life was like in a Roman city. Some people died in their sleep, others were cooking or walking down the road.

And now, a viral tweet reveals that one of Pompeii's citizens apparently died while having the most fun you can have on your own. 

The photo uploaded by this Twitter user leaves no room for doubt. This man died while masturbating... Or did he?

The image has been retweeted thousands of times, provoking a heated online debate, with some praising the incinerated onanist and others taking a more skeptical stance. 

Some are faithful devotees of the Pompeiian pleasure-seeker:


Others think there's more to this than meets the eye.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that thanks to the internet – oh, and a certain volcano that erupted back in 79AD – this man will never be forgotten. 

Even if the achievement for which he'll be remembered long after his death is something as commonplace as masturbation.