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Artículo 24 seconds to get everyone pissed off, by Floyd Mayweather Sports


24 seconds to get everyone pissed off, by Floyd Mayweather



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27 Junio 2017 16:23

And not just because he’s got a chinchilla rug in his limousine

‘You don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be poor, just show the world your lifestyle.’ That is how boxer Floyd Mayweather invited his 15 million Instagram followers to blow their own trumpets and brag about everything they own, as he does on an almost daily basis.

With this introduction, Mayweather - a name synonymous with luxury, ostentation and absurd eccentricities, like wandering around a hotel in Moscow with two tigers - begins reeling off his most precious belongings, as if it were a shopping list.

A custom Rolls-Royce limousine worth 3.4 million euros.

A white gold Patek Philippe watch that would set you back around 600,000 euros.

And, drum roll, a chinchilla carpet.

Unsurprisingly, his followers and non-followers have flooded Instagram with angry comments of indignation for crowing about how he can rest his feet on a rug made from the skin of these poor rodents.

‘You should start using your money to do good things instead of doing this’, ‘You’re Disgusting, pathetic, they’re skinned alive to make that,’ ‘it’s shameful to see what you spend your money on’, ‘People like you are a disgrace to humanity’ and so on for 9,000 comments.

The fact that ‘Money’, Mayweather’s nickname, has no control over how he spends the money he’s earned in recent years is blindingly obvious. And let’s not forget, a month ago on Instagram he was flaunting his 40 wads of dollar bills he won from gambling.

Aside from causing outrage on the networks, the boxer is billed to come up against Conor McGregor in August in what many have described as ‘The fight of the century’.