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Artículo This surfer's brush with death after encounter with shark in 2015 happens again Sports


This surfer's brush with death after encounter with shark in 2015 happens again



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24 Julio 2017 09:47

The sharks have it in for him, but he keeps surviving

In 2015, the final of the J-Bay Open surfing championship had just got underway in Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa when Mick Fanning spotted a shark fin in the water.

The animal got caught in Fanning's leg rope and pulled the surfer into the water. Fanning swam away as fast as possible and a rescue boat picked him up and sped him to safety.

Fanning had a lucky escape. The World Surf League cancelled the rest of the event and Fanning and fellow finalist Julian Wilson agreed to share the prize money. So all's well that ends well... until, unbelievably, it happened again.

On July 19, this year's edition of the J-Bay Open began. Mick Fanning had no intention of missing out, despite his close call two years ago.

But no sooner had the starting whistle been blown than championship commissioner Kieren Perrow saw it: a 10ft great white, cutting through the water.

Organisers used a boat to try and force the animal away, but a wave carried the shark too close to the surfers who had to be whisked away on jet skies. And yes, no prizes for guessing that one of those rescued competitors was none other than Mick Fanning. The competition was suspended for the day. It later resumed, however, and Brazil's Gabriel Medina beat Fanning to reach the semi-finals.