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Artículo Motorcyclist kicks car unleashing an unexpected chain of events Sports


Motorcyclist kicks car unleashing an unexpected chain of events



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29 Junio 2017 12:55

In a confrontation between a car and a motorbike, my money’s on the car. This video tells a different story.

Fury on the road

If you pitted a car against a motorbike, you'd think the car’s going to win hands down. This Californian motorcyclist sewed chaos in a road rage attack and then escaped unharmed from the accident of his own doing.

It’s Wednesday, 6 am on a Californian highway. Two drivers, side by side, are angrily veering towards each other. The motorcyclist decides the best way to resolve the situation is by delivering a Bruce-Lee style kick into the door of the car, while their hurtling down the road at full speed.

The 19-year-old driver of the car then swerves his Nissan into the motorbike to stop him getting passed. The biker manages to recover his balance and drives on as if nothing’s happened.

The young driver, however, loses control of the car, crashes into the central reservation and bounces back across the traffic smashing into the Cadillac van of 75-year-old Carlos Benavidez. The collision sends the van skidding on its roof across the tarmac for several metres.

As Benavidez told local media, the driver of the Nissan approached him after the accident, and offered him water, as well as his apologies.

Although the scuffle didn’t claim any lives, the police are still on the hunt for the motorcyclist, who fled the scene.