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Artículo Previously unseen footage of Bruce Lee fight surfaces on the Internet and causes a stir Sports


Previously unseen footage of Bruce Lee fight surfaces on the Internet and causes a stir



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19 Junio 2017 12:59

Video of Lee's student Ted Wong taking a beating already has over 12 million views

He’s been dead for almost 44 years, but the phenomenon of Lee Jun-Fan is still as unstoppable as his onscreen characters were.

What happened last weekend is a fine example. The Youtube channel Bruce Lee Central posted previously unreleased footage of a fight between Lee and his number one student, Ted Wong. Possibly the only recording that shows Bruce Lee taking part in a real fight.

The video spread like wildfire and in just two days had already racked up 7 million views. Today it has over 16 million.

The images show Bruce Lee and his student fighting, in protective gear, surrounded by photographers. They’re in Lee’s jeet kune do school - the martial arts system based on philosophical concepts devised by Lee himself - which the master ran in California. Lee can be seen dominating the fight, more than once knocking Wong to the floor.

The release of the footage coincides with the announcement of Warrior, one of the projects that Lee was working on  before he died and which will now see the light.

The Cinemax channel is to launch the 10-episode series as an action-packed period drama. The plot unfolds in the context of the Tong Wars, a series of violent disputes fought in Chinatown, San Francisco, at the end of the 19th century.

It was his daughter, Shannon Lee, who discovered her father’s notes on the project and was in charge of producing it. The Bruce Lee phenomenon lives on.