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Artículo The most terrifying incident of the football season so far Sports


The most terrifying incident of the football season so far



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07 Marzo 2017 14:44

Fernando Torres collapsed to the ground and lay without moving for four frightening minutes.

Torres and Bergantiños leapt for the same high ball. It was the Galician's league debut and he jumped late and hard, smacking his head into El Niño's nape.

Torres fell badly. His unnatural posture suggests that he was already unconscious when he hit the ground. 

The players rushed to his aid. Teammates Vrsaljko and Gabi reached inside the Atletico striker's mouth to stop him swallowing his tongue.

Giménez was perhaps the player most distressed by the incident. He screamed for the ambulance and backed away from Torres in tears.

Medics ran on the pitch. Torres's teammates looked on in despair, desperate for some sign of life from the player.

But Simeone hadn't forgotten the game. With Torres still lying motionless on the pitch, the coach complained to the referees and gave instructions to his players on how to play as ten men.

Fans in the stands whistled their disapproval at Simeone, who continued speaking to the fourth referee instead of worrying about his player. Florin Andone appealed to the fans to calm down for Torres's sake. 

Fayçal Fajr prayed for Torres, desperate to see some signs of life.

Bergantiños couldn't take his eyes off Torres, anxiously hoping that the accidental collision would not end tragically.

Eventually, Torres gasped for air and everyone let out a huge sigh of relief. The medics stretchered him away and took him to the nearest hospital. He was diagnosed with head trauma but a CT scan did not reveal damage to the forward's head or neck. The horrifying episode came to an end.

These are the striker's first statements after being discharged from hospital: