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Artículo This easily distracted little beagle may have lost the dog show, but she won our hearts Sports


This easily distracted little beagle may have lost the dog show, but she won our hearts



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17 Febrero 2017 17:59

Lesson of the day: never ask a beagle to stop being a beagle.

Mia charmed everyone at the Westminster Dog Show, and if you watch this video she'll charm you too.

Have you ever watched the agility event at a dog show? It's challenging, to say the least. It requires dogs to leap over bars, run in zig-zags, and race up and down seesaws. And they have to do it all as quickly as possible, without getting distracted.

And when I say the event is 'challenging', I mean that if you or I tried it we'd probably end up flat on our faces within the first few metres.

The Westminster Dog Show is where the top dogs go to compete: the pros, the smartest canines in the world. Unfortunately, as can happen with the smartest people, sometimes the smartest dogs are the ones who get distracted most easily...

*If this video doesn't drag a smile out of you, you're dead inside: deal with it.

That must the explanation behind what happened to this week's canine online celebrity: Mia, the absent-minded beagle. She didn't win the show, but she charmed the spectators – and the internet – with her delightful antics. 


facebook 5

The Facebook video of Mia stealing the show already has more than a million views.  And she deserves each and every one of them.

‘This way, Mia.’ Picture: FS1

Really, just look at her.

She briefly comes good in the competition. Picture: FS1

What's not to love?

A few seconds later Mia stops to smell the roses. Picture: FS1

If you watched the video with the volume up, you'll have heard the commentator saying: 'Come on, don't be a beagle, don't be a beagle'. That's because, as other owners have been quick to remark, beagles are known for being intelligent, active... and having a lot of personality. In other words, they are VERY difficult to train.

facebook 2

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Lesson of the day: Never ask a beagle to stop being a beagle.