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Artículo Watch this female free diver break a world record Sports


Watch this female free diver break a world record



Alessia Zecchini reached 351 feet and held her breath for three-and-a-half minutes

01 Octubre 2018 16:34

By Eloise Edgington

Alessia Zecchini is a 26-year-old free diver who, back in July, reached a depth that no woman had before: 351 feet.

Zecchini held her breath for a staggering three-and-a-half minutes during the VB 2018 Diving Championship in the Bahamas, where she added five more metres to her personal best, extending the world record that she herself had set back in 2017.

Zecchini is from Rome and competes in constant weight apnea: free divers wear a monofin to propel themselves downwards and are allowed to use their arms, but are not allowed to pull on the rope that they are attached to.

They can only pull on the rope to either stop a descent or start an ascent.

Zecchini took her first constant weight apnea course when she was 13 years old.