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Artículo What posting your gym routine on Facebook says about you Sports


What posting your gym routine on Facebook says about you



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12 Julio 2017 09:19

‘Keeping up a good pace for 10 km before work. Now for another ten. Happy Monday everyone!’ STOP! I can’t take it any more.

A quick photo in the mirror at the gym showing off your six-pack. 25 likes.

A selfie on the weight machine with an entirely unironic ‘here I am suffering’ comment. 39 likes.

A panoramic shot of the route hammered out on your morning run. 49 likes.

Flexed biceps emojis. And lots of them. A close-up of your muscle-packed arm on your Facebook profile to show how strong you are. 78 likes. It’s a record!

How incredibly irritating.

The habit some of our contacts have of posting their fitness routines on social networks hides a dark ulterior motive, or at least that is the conclusion of a study conducted by Brunel University in London.

The English researchers have found that people who love to constantly update the world on their sporting activities do so because of a narcissistic drive. Their main aim, according to the study, consists of boasting about the time they’ve spent moulding their bodies, nearly always to keep up with whatever trend is popular at the time.

‘Narcissists more frequently update about their achievements, which was motivated by their need for attention and validation from the Facebook (or Instagram) community,’ the study indicates.

It seems these achievements gain more likes than other posts, but not always because your community likes to watch you sweating it out at the gym. In fact, the opposite is most probably the case. ‘Although our results suggest that narcissists’ bragging pays off, it could be that their Facebook friends politely offer support while secretly disliking such egotistical displays,’ suggests Dr Tara Marshall, head of the research team.

It’s good to keep in shape, but if you have to tell everyone about it then maybe you should be asking yourself if self-esteem is missing from your life.

Photo of your oversized ego. 0 likes. Game over.