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Heroic dog escapes from a veterinary hospital by opening all the doors between him and freedom



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18 Abril 2017 14:59

His name is General, but now he's been nicknamed Houdini

His family left him there when they went on holiday, but he was having none of it...

Image Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital.

General, a 10-year-old Great Pyrenees, was taken by his family to the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital while they went on holiday to Virginia Beach.

General was clearly not too happy about being left in a boring old animal hospital while the rest of his family were soaking up the sun. 

Bored – and probably rather miffed – General decided to take matters into his own paws. 'Lads, I'm off!' he said to his fellow inmates. No one answered. Firstly, because dogs can't speak, and secondly, because it was four o'clock in the morning and everyone else was asleep.

Security footage shows General using his mouth to open all the doors that separate him from freedom, until finding liberty at last, the clever canine strolls off happily into the night.

General was found the next day in a nearby garden. The homeowners said that he'd been there since about 11 AM.

'He's a little Houdini,' owner Travis Campbell said to WJLA. 'When it comes to doors, he can get a lot of doors open.' 

Now, before you go saying that General is one bad doggie, just think how you'd feel if the rest of your family left you alone at a hospital while they flounced off to the seaside. General – we feel you, bro.

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