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New Zealand will pay for your holidays if you do a job interview



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06 Marzo 2017 17:57

A tech company is searching for global talent. And it's offering to provide candidates with a plane ticket and accommodation.

Nobody likes job interviews. The nerves, the formalities, the questions you haven't prepared for and the tests you never imagined they'd make you do... Going for an interview can be like taking a trip to hell. One that inevitably ends with the demoralising words: 'don't call us, we'll call you.' 

However, in New Zealand they've changed the concept of job interviews altogether.

A tech company based in Wellington, the nation's capital, is looking for technology experts from around the world. And it's offering to pay the air fees and accommodation of 100 candidates. All candidates have to do in exchange is turn up to the job interview.

Candidates will also be taken on tours of the city to get to know the place better while they're there.

The interviews are scheduled to be held between the 8 and 11 of May. Those interested have until 20 March to email the company their CV, specifying which of the highly qualified positions they are interested in applying for: software developers, creative directors, product managers and analysts.

The recruitment programme, called LookSee Wellington, was born out of a partnership between the New Zealand government and Workhere New Zealand, a company specialised in recruiting global talent. Together they are seeking a solution to the lack of candidates with tech skills in the country. A great opportunity for anyone who would like to work in the technology sector in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.