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Oreos filled with toothpaste: YouTuber charged with humiliating homeless man



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15 Febrero 2017 17:07

'My intentions were not bad,' said Reset in a subsequent video. 'I only did it to get attention.'

Charged with degrading treatment.

Reset, a 19-year-old YouTuber with over a million followers, recently had the bright idea of giving a homeless man chocolate oreos filled with toothpaste. 'These will help you clean your teeth,' he told the man.

Barcelona's Guardia Urbana has charged Reset with degrading treatment. And, according to a Europa Press report citing official sources, the judiciary has called on him to attend court to face the charges on 13 March.

The YouTuber frequently films videos inspired by requests made by his followers. That's what happened with the toothpaste-filled oreos prank.

Before giving the man the biscuits to eat, Reset paid him 20 euros.

'I went to apologise to the homeless man,' said the YouTuber later, claiming that the only thing the man remembered about the incident was the money he had received.

'My intentions were not bad,' said Reset in a video he uploaded later. 'I only did it to get attention. In real life I only have one friend and sometimes I feel a bit lonely,' he added.

Although he claims he's not trying to justify his actions, Reset also talks in the video about his troubled childhood. As a Chinese immigrant, he says, he suffered bullying in high school, while at home his parents argued frequently.