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Artículo Saudi Arabia's 'clear and growing link to UK Islamic terrorism' is threat to safety, but Theresa May won't publish report Uncategorized


Saudi Arabia's 'clear and growing link to UK Islamic terrorism' is threat to safety, but Theresa May won't publish report



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05 Julio 2017 16:41

The UK government is playing with fire, but it's the public who will burn

There is no denying that the UK has jumped into bed with some questionable governments over the years. In fact, the union's history is a messy collection of shady deals, morally dubious wars and politicians so hungry for the win that words become almost meaningless.

In light of the horrific terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, it’s understandable that the pressure is mounting for the Tories’ t0 address their relationship with Saudi Arabia. A report released yesterday by a think tank in the capital, the Henry Jackson Society, argues that Saudi Arabia is the most prominent promoter of Islamic extremism in the UK. The group claims there is a ´clear and growing link´ between Islamist organisations and the preaching of hate and terrorism on Britain´s streets.

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Such findings call into question the UK government's diplomatic ties to the country and highlights the hypocrisy of the government's arms trade with Saudi Arabia, which has been accused of weaponising extremist groups like ISIS. While Theresa May and her peers 'vow' to end terrorism on home soil, there is a flow of guns, bombs and artillery entering the frontline in the Middle East. Until this stream of machinery in war zones in places like Syria and Yemen dries up, radicalisation in the UK will be difficult to circumvent.

Meanwhile, Mrs May and her ministers have found themselves in more hot water for failing to publish a report on the foreign funding of extremism, reportedly given to Downing Street last year. The probe was commissioned by former prime minister David Cameron before a crucial vote on Syrian airstrikes back in 2015, but its whereabouts is largely unknown.

Theresa May is solely responsible for the release of the report. A spokesman for the Home Office admitted to The Guardian that the report may never be published as its contents were 'very sensitive'.