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Artículo Guy walks into hospital with a huge knife lodged in his head Videos


Guy walks into hospital with a huge knife lodged in his head



david perez

27 Noviembre 2016 23:05

Clever Campos Oyarce, a young man of 28, walked into a hospital in Iquitos, north-east Peru, with a huge knife lodged in his head.

The man, who was completely conscious and calm despite the seriousness of his situation, had gotten into a violent fight with another man named Henry Saldaña Sousa, 30, who accused him of  having stolen his motorcycle taxi a month earlier.  Saldaña ended up stabbing Campos in the head.

Incredibly, the victim did not lose consciousness at any moment, and even managed to walk the streets until a patrol car spotted him and took him to hospital.  It's a rare case, but there have been others.

According to the press, the victim even conversed with a friend about what had happened from inside the police car.

They young man was diagnosed with serious brain trauma, but was successfully operated on and is now out of danger. Henry Saldaña Sousa was arrested and is being investigated by the police.