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Artículo Man teases a lion through an open car window and is quickly shown the error of his ways Videos


Man teases a lion through an open car window and is quickly shown the error of his ways



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02 Mayo 2017 15:27

'His balls just regressed into him like a new born.'

It could be argued that around 90% of internet content revolves around the figure of the (global) village idiot – the buffoon with his 15 minutes of fame. Everyday, there's someone new on YouTube falling down escalators or setting fire to their hair. Donald Trump is a prime example of how these days, the idiot is king. The rest of us look on in awe: horrified, yet captivated, by the unfathomable depths of human idiocy.

As well as being morbidly entertaining, the figure of the idiot also tends to generate lots of juicy controversy: there are always some quarrelsome, contrary characters rushing to the defence of the idiot, while other unforgiving types shout for him (and it is usually a him) to be thrown to the lions. And in this particular case, when we say 'throw him to the lions', we're not talking metaphorically. 

The video was uploaded to YouTube in September 2016. In it, a man drives alongside a lion in the Gir Forest national Park in India, filming him through his open window.  The man makes, to put it mildly, two big mistakes.

Firstly, he is stalking a lion who is obviously not in the mood for fun and games.

And secondly, keeping his window open while he does it...? Now, that's taking idiocy to the level of high art. 

Not surprisingly, people have not held back in their criticisms of the man. 

Of course, there's always some kind-hearted soul willing to wish an idiot well.

Hmm... it does make me a little envious though. Girls, wouldn't it be great to be able to make like the lion and roar every time some creep is stalking you? I'm not saying we should scare the guy to death, just give him a little heart attack or something. Ah, we can but dream.  #WeWish #DreamingIsFree