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Artículo This abandoned baby monkey has been adopted by a herd of goats Videos


This abandoned baby monkey has been adopted by a herd of goats



david perez

27 Noviembre 2016 22:42

The best thing internet era  has given us is an array of videos depicting interspecies friendships, which, of course, are the best drug-free cure for a case of the blues.

If you were woken up at 3am by a drunk singing on the street, your alarm didn't go off and you missed the bus to work... well, all your bad vibes are about to disappear. You don't believe it? Just watch:

Who could have a bad day after watching this baby monkey hugging its goat mother?

Zhong Shu, the owner of this farm in China, found the tiny animal all alone, hidden on a piece of wood.  But it didn't take long for the monkey to form a bond with Mr Shu's goats.

“The little monkey has been here for five days.  When I found it, it was on that piece of wood over there”, he explained. “As soon as it saw me, it started to run back and forth, it was scared of me”.

“After that, it climbed up onto the that goat's back”.  During the day, the goat goes out to graze while the little monkey clings to its back.  The pair sleep together at night and never leave each other's sides.

But the heartwarming story must come to an end.  The authorities will soon take the monkey to the zoo where they'll care for it until it's ready to return to its habitat.