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Artículo This video with an unexpected twist is sweeping Twitter Videos


This video with an unexpected twist is sweeping Twitter



david perez

24 Noviembre 2016 22:38

Peter Thompson and his wife, Alice, took their son, Brody, to a safari park.

We don’t know if Brody’s mum and dad forgot to give him Dramamine for the trip, or if seeing the king of the beasts up close was just too much excitement for the little guy.

Either way, we’ve got to admit that Peter captured the hilarious gross-out moment with impeccable timing.

"Wow, I wouldn’t mess with those guys, Brody," says Peter, while filming a pair of lions pass in front of their car in Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside.

And then he turns around just in time to film little Brody open his mouth and projectile vomit all over the arm of his mother who lets out a horrified “Oh, my God.”

The mum, Alice Thompson uploaded the video to Twitter on October 11. Since then, it’s accumulated thousands of likes and been retweeted again and again.

Brody is probably too young to retain memory of the moment that’s given him his fifteen minutes of fame, but we’re sure the subject will be brought up at family gatherings for a very long time to come.