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We dare you to cross this absolutely terrifying bridge



Only for the adrenaline junkies out there

09 Mayo 2018 16:13

There are many people who claim to be adventurous but when it comes to crossing the Kuandinsky bridge in Russia, they would probably stay home and watch Game of Thrones. It seems like this bridge is only for stuntmen, adventurers, and other thrill-seekers who probably don’t think their actions through.

Kuandinsky bridge in Russia

The construction of this bridge was started more than 30 years ago but it still isn’t completed, and probably never will be. Before it was neglected and left to rot, this bridge was supposed to be used as a railway but that idea was abandoned and now there’s a railway alongside this brave man's bridge. It’s nearly half a kilometre long, and its width is approximately equal to the width of a regular car. The stuntmen who have crossed this bridge advise you to keep your windows shut so the wind doesn’t make you regret performing this adventure.

What makes it so dangerous?

Where should we start? First of all, let’s consider the fact it’s located in Siberia and as you already know, it can get so cold that the road tends to get quite slippery and frozen. This would be easily overcome if it hadn’t been for the narrow passage. Secondly, only a single lane is available and if you dare to cross this bridge, you’ll be inches from the edge on both sides. Finally, the almost ancient metal construction is covered with rotting wooden planks which by no means guarantee your safety. At times, people who dare to cross this bridge need to fix the rotten structure themselves by nailing a couple of wood planks to make their crossing safer.

Final thoughts

There’s a dose of adrenaline that needs to be taken into consideration, but there’s also a dose of sanity you need to have to stay alive. However, if you’re brave or even crazy enough to cross this bridge, be our guest. We’ll watch it from a safe distance and applaud your bravery.