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This woman won millions in the lottery after accidently buying wrong ticket



Life just does not work out like this very often

Anna Freeman

05 Enero 2018 13:22

A New Jersey, US, mother of two used a lottery ticket as a bookmark for weeks, unaware that the numbers on it would bring her a life-changing sum of money.

46-year-old Oksana Zaharov asked a clerk at a Manhattan store for a $1 scratch-off ticket, but the worker gave her a $10 Set For Life ticket. However, she decided to keep it anyway.

‘When the clerk handed me the wrong ticket I felt bad so I decided to just go ahead and buy it,’ Zaharov said. ‘I actually used the ticket as a bookmark for a couple weeks before I decided to scratch it.'

She couldn’t believe it when she saw that she’d won $5 million. ‘I never win anything,’ she said. ‘I was sure the ticket was fake. It wasn’t until I brought it into the office that I knew it was for real.’

Nearly everyone will have had the conversation about what they would do if they won the lottery. Buy a boat? Fly around the world on a one-way ticket? Pay to meet your favourite celebrity?

However, this lucky winner is being more sensible than perhaps the average person would be. Zaharov plans to celebrate her win with a family vacation to the Bahamas and put money toward her children’s college education.