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Artículo A South Korean 'penis park' is making an impression on Winter Olympics tourists Viral


A South Korean 'penis park' is making an impression on Winter Olympics tourists



It's not all about poles and balls - or is it?

Anna Freeman

14 Febrero 2018 16:24

A South Korean park filled with penis statues is proving a hot tourist spot for attendees of this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Haesindang Park is only an hour away from the Pyeongchang Olympics and scores of athletes, workers, media and visitors are making the trip to the holy grail for penis pottery.

Tourists will find sculptured penises out of wood, stone and plastic all over the park which was created in honour of an ancient local fertility legend.

As South Korean legend has it, a fisherman’s wife was left on a rock and drowned. She died a virgin, meaning - obviously - no fish could be caught by villagers, until the fisherman ejaculated into the water, which brought the fish back.

South Korea has one of the lowest birth rates in the industrialised world and couples often visit the park for luck when trying for a baby. As well as statues in the park’s grounds there are also penis totem poles, penis benches, a cannon and penis wind chimes.

There is also a cliff top within the park which has a Chinese zodiac of sculptures in an arch with each animal carved inside of life-size penises. The park also has incredible views of the port city of Sinnam.