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This is how a dog reacts when its owner holds a rabbit



Protective much?

15 Mayo 2018 11:53

So a dog reacts when he sees his owner hugging a rabbit

Dogs have evolved from the grey wolves that they once were to evolve emotions that range on the human scale. We cannot compare their emotions to human emotion, but we have known dogs to feel jealousy and also be loyal to the owners.

That is what is being displayed for the dog who sits there tolerating the owner who is holding the rabbit in his arms. After a few seconds, the dog starts to feel left out and he decides to do something about that.

Therefore, he walks and nudges the arms of the owner open so he can get some of that love. Some dogs would not be so kind and the rabbit would have been torn to pieces in a few seconds.

Is it really jealousy?

There is the question of weather they feel envy the same way that we do as humans and that is something that has not been well answered. However, what you will see is the dog being pushy and asserting dominance over something else that you may be affectionate about.

This is something that will not be displayed when you have something that is inanimate like a book in hand but if you pick up something live like a toy that can talk or even a human baby, the dog will start nipping, climbing you and just seeking the attention you are giving something else.

The kind of behaviours you will see

When the attention is focused on anything else that is not the dog, they will react in several ways to assert their importance and dominance over what it is you are favouring. That is why you will need to train them to do not this.

  1. Aggression

This may be in less malicious forms like nipping and slight biting but in other cases, the rabbit would be food in an instant. That may catch you off-guard and by surprise but it is normal. They will go for the thing that is getting attention over them.

  1. Rude bathroom behaviour

Normally, the dogs will poop where they are supposed to poop and pee in places that they are not supposed to and that will not be because they forget. It could be because they need to be noticed and they know if they stink up the house, you will notice. Clever…isn’t it?

  1. Extra attention to you

This will happens when they feel like they are being forgotten. They will come closer to you and try to make you notice them more. They will trip you when you try to move, sit on your lap (with all that weight), and be pushy about it.

It is their equivalent of saying 'PICK ME!'

There could be more behaviours like being moody and growling, fighting other pets and scaring people. Just like spoilt kids, they will find surefire ways to make you notice that they exist.