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Artículo This man bathes, massages and pampers his 200kg pet crocodile Viral


This man bathes, massages and pampers his 200kg pet crocodile



When did owning a dog or cat become so passé?

25 Mayo 2018 14:18

While most people tend to own cats, dogs, fish, and birds as pets, there are a few daring individuals out there who would rather go for something more exotic.

Take Muhammad Iwan as an example. This Indonesian from West Java doesn’t own a common reptile. He has a healthy, 200kg crocodile in his yard. His name is Kojek, and he takes his lifestyle and routine very seriously. The best part of the day is not eating… it’s the spa treatment!

When Muhammad was 20 years old, he decided to buy a newborn estuarine crocodile that fishermen had caught, for less than $5. Now, the 21-year-old Kojek spends his relaxing days being stroked, eating up to five kilos of fish, and having regular skincare baths and tooth-brushing.

The routine is simple. Iwan picks up a bucket, water, soap, and a brush. He peacefully begins cleaning up this amazing animal while his kids and wife record. Now, the coolest thing. This friendly and sociable crocodile really enjoys the massage on his rough neck. He closes his eyes, and it’s not because of the soap; he’s just chillin’ out.

It is fact that exotic animals belong in the wild and not as pets, but Kojek is simply a nice 'little' guy who has been part of Muhammad’s family for over 20 years. If you pay close attention, you’ll realize he’s also quite fat, which confirms that he is really well taken care. He could maybe even get a bit of exercise to get rid of that extra flab, but we’re guessing he prefers to live a quiet life. Unless, of course, a female crocodile came into the picture!

Kojek is famous and people from all over the world travel to Sempur just to visit this 2.7-metre-long crocodile. He is so beloved that Muhammad once got an offer of over $70,000 for his reptile. What did he say? Well, Kojek is part of the family. We all know that family is not for sale.

Crocodiles can live up to 70 years, so Muhammad's children better start practicing the washing and brushing routine. Kojek is there to stay for a few more decades!

Would you have nerves of steel to brush-massage a huge reptile, with your children nearby, or would your jaw drop in fear?

What do you think? Can wild animals become trusted pets when interacting with people from an early age? Ask Kojek! He has it all and he doesn’t seem to complain. It seems like it's a croc's life!