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Artículo Mystery about why this group of bears became startled and ran away Viral


Mystery about why this group of bears became startled and ran away



What could frighten a Grizzly bear?

09 Mayo 2018 16:22

Something strange happened in the Slovenian woods, near the Notranjska region. A group of bears or a sleuth of bears, if you prefer, was walking through the woods with high vigilance. However, all of a sudden and out of nowhere, all four bears were startled by something. The mother and her three offspring made a synchronised move that would get them to the Olympics. However, what startled the big bear and the three small cubs remains a mystery.

What could have scared such strong and robust creatures? At first, it seems like that there was a sound of another animal, possibly a dog or even a wolf. However, the sound stopped after only several moments so it might not have been a hound/wolf in the woods. As we’re all different, some people claim that something supernatural happened and that the bears were the only ones to see it.

Grizzlies are also some of the most vigilant and smart creatures in the forest. Unlikely as it may seem, Grizzlies aren’t that much of a threat to people. In fact, according to the Travel guidebook article, in the Katmai National Park, every day, around 400 children safely roam the space inhabited by grizzly bears.

Bears are like people in many aspects of their life and consequently, they act like people in many situations. While we can’t make a clear connection between the two species, it’s apparent that we often share the same feelings - affection, fear, and other similar sentiments. Since the Grizzlies are on top of the food chain, usually they do not fear anyone or anything. This fact makes this video even more mysterious than it was but the answers are yet to be found.

Unlike the captured grizzly bears you’ll see in the zoos, the ones in the wild won’t be startled that easily. However, beware that even though it’s not that dangerous as you might assume it is, you shouldn’t approach a grizzly bear with proper equipment and training. Knowing all these things about grizzlies, it’s hard to figure out what could have startled them that much, so they perform this cute and synchronised move.