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Artículo This man showed his dog how much he loved him by wrapping him up in the cold Viral


This man showed his dog how much he loved him by wrapping him up in the cold



Dogs feel cold too

15 Mayo 2018 11:25

If you’re not a dog owner, you’ll probably be amazed to see how many people treat their dogs as human beings. Feeding them, taking them out for walks are regular things. However, when you see someone dressing them up or talking to their pets, you can’t help but wonder - why do people do that and does it make a difference? Well, the answer isn’t that simple as dogs can’t speak in our language and respond. On the other hand, dogs have been loyal companions for so many years. There’s a bond between a person and their dog, and this video showcases how pure that relationship can be.

What’s there to see?

Well, if you’re just looking at this video superficially, there’s not much to see. Only a man, dressing up a dog to keep him from getting soaked by the pouring rain. Both the dog and the owner show extreme calmness while driving through what appears to be a flee market. The dog was soaking wet, and the man improvised and turned a plastic bag into a raincoat while covering the dog’s head with a straw hat.

Can dogs feel the cold?

Moving ahead, one of the unanswered questions from the introduction is whether dogs need clothing or not? Can dogs feel cold or is that just a myth? As your dog is your responsibility and even a companion through life, no one likes to see them in discomfort or pain. But can they feel cold?

It’s strange to talk about this topic because dogs we know today seemingly came from ancient wolves who hunted prey in the harshest conditions. However, since these animals were domesticated, they do feel cold, and you should provide your pet with almost the same conditions that suit you. Of course, that doesn’t mean dressing up your dog to be cute or putting a sweater on a husky. In fact, all the things you should do to keep your dog warm are supported by common sense - enabling easy access to their shelter, know his tolerance to cold weather, etc.

Final Words

There are numerous reasons to keep your dog’s fur dry during rainy periods. First of all, although it keeps them warm, their coat is often an excellent incubation area for fungi and bacteria. Next, if the surface your dog’s sleeping on is cold, it may hurt his joints. Finally, most dogs have sensitive ears, and unwanted water can damage their ear canals. To conclude, dogs are often prisoners of their routine so you probably shouldn’t let the rain alter that. Instead, put on some warm clothes on them and show them some love and loyalty just as they show you.