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Artículo He pretended to be dead in front of his cat, and this is what happened next Viral


He pretended to be dead in front of his cat, and this is what happened next



Cats are man's best friend? Maybe not.

07 Mayo 2018 17:28

We often hear amazing stories about how pets save people’s lives in fires and how a pet could identify a person’s disease and even predict an epileptic seizure. Some pets are trained just to save their owners lives and guarantee their safety.

Cats have a mind of their own, and they’re full of personality. That’s why you’ll never hear someone say 'cats are man's best friend.' They can be, but cats are extremely selective with who they give their loyalty to.

Cats are independent and they do whatever they want, but, are there special cats with paramedic super-powers willing to save their owner's life in case of an emergency?

Cory Williams, AKA 'Mr. Safety' decided to find out how much his cat Sparta, AKA 'The Mean Kitty' appreciated him. You’re probably thinking this feline’s name says it all, but the video does the talking.

Cory has huge faith in his pets and hopes at least one of them would at least try to save his life. Besides Loki and Sparta, the family owns a dog named Penny and Cory faked his own death (again) to see how Penny would react.

Do you have a cat? Do you think your cat loves you enough to try and save your life? Prepare the camera and do the test.