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Artículo You won't be able to handle how adorable this dog's reaction was after being adopted Viral


You won't be able to handle how adorable this dog's reaction was after being adopted



Dogs are just the best, aren't they?

Andreas Kirkinis

08 Mayo 2018 12:09

There's nothing more adorable than a cute relationship between a pet and its owner. Dogs are the usual suspects for these moments of tenderness because, out of all the animals that we choose to own, they've been the closest to us for millennia. It's not by chance, after all, that we call dogs 'man's best friend'.

This video is no different, but with one exception: the owner to whom the dog is showing all this love only recently adopted the animal. Usually, adopted pets tend to be overcautious, scared, and anxious about their new environment and master, but not this guy. This pooch demanded constant love and affection from the driver, not letting his new parent take his hand away from his paw. Was it chemistry from the start, or just a very trusting dog? You decide.

Evidence suggests that dogs and humans worked together before any kind of records began. Even though the exact dates are unclear, archaeological studies show found the first unquestionable remains of a dog buried with humans dates back to 14,700 years ago, while there are remains that are still disputed from a whopping 36,000 years ago.

The closest relative to the dog that still exists today is the grey wolf, and the dog doesn't have any genetic signs that other canines genetically influenced it. When and where dogs and grey wolves began their genetic split is still not clear, but theories include central and East Asia and Western Europe.

In the later Paleolithic period, the boost of human populations, the development of hunting tools (like blades) and methods, and the change in climate turned wolves into more of a scavenging animal. This produced some side effects in the species, like a smaller size, a tamer personality, and a younger reproductive age, making them less efficient as hunters. Some researchers suggest that this reduction of hunting capabilities was the beginning of the domestication process, where humans and dogs became hunting partners.

Because dogs have had links with humans for such a long time, their behaviour is now uniquely attuned to that of humans. Adopting dogs rather than buying new puppies is vital for many abandoned animals or those without a previous owner. Most animal shelters are incapable of providing a roof to millions of animals every year and end up having to euthanise them.

Many wanna-be pet owners would be averse to the idea of adopting a pet rather than just 'buying a new one', but shelter animals are the ones that need a home and our love the most. So if you're considering getting a new pup, think hard about where to get one.