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Artículo This video of a German Shepherd helping another dog will melt your damn heart Viral


This video of a German Shepherd helping another dog will melt your damn heart



Who says dogs don't show solidarity with their other canine friends

Andreas Kirkinis

30 Mayo 2018 12:42

There's always something special in seeing animals, particularly of the same species, helping each other out in a show of solidarity that you would only expect from humans.

Normally, altruistic help is not something you would expect from animals that haven't developed intellectually like humans have. We often — but not always — understand that the best way to progress as individuals but also as a whole species is to support each other every step of the way. There are numerous examples of human communities succeeding against all odds just because they stood by each other and supported their fellow humans, instead of abandoning them for selfish causes.

That show of solidarity and the sense of community that stems from it inspire others to pay it forward, remembering the time when someone else helped them and doing the same for others. This is why we don't expect animals to have that same mentality. If an animal can't understand the concept of solidarity, then what evolutionary purpose would there be in helping another animal out?

They won't remember it and they won't, as we said, pay it forward. However, there are countless examples like the video above that just goes to show that displays of solidarity and altruism aren't something exclusive to human beings — or, more generally, to creatures that can understand the concept of compassion.

In the video, we see a small, black and white dog struggling to get its body through the bars of a metal fence. It's about a metre above the ground and it leads up to a balcony. The poor pup managed to get his head through but is having a lot of difficulties finding the footing to prop himself up and push the rest of its body through the barrier.

We see it try to pull its hind legs up above the wall and onto the edge of the balcony so it can get the momentum to get through, but to no avail — the dog is just too short! Will he make it? It's a cliffhanger that's built for a hit TV show.

However, as we see him continue to struggle, a 'canis ex machina' (like the deus ex machina of ancient plays) appears to offer his moral and — limited — physical support: a German Shepherd-like dog shows up on the other side of the fence, standing next to the trapped one and petting its head and its back with its paw, as if telling it to keep at it and not give up. This carries on, the moral support becoming more agitated as if the German shepherd is increasingly worried that his smaller buddy will not make it.

The German shepherd then disappears for a moment, making you think that he's given up on his efforts. He nonetheless reappears moments later, with his moral and physical support intensified as he once again uses his legs to balance his smaller friend. Eventually, after what feels like an eternity, the brave climber finally achieves his goal and squeezes through the bars. Have fun with your friend, little doggy! You deserve it.