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Artículo The incredible mating 'dance' of these swans has gone viral Viral


The incredible mating 'dance' of these swans has gone viral



True love does exist

14 Mayo 2018 12:25

It is unlikely that you will witness swans performing their famed mating ritual. But if you are lucky enough to witness the event, you will be amazed at how incredible the bond formation is. There is a reason why people say swans mate for life.

The whole thing can take minutes, sometimes half an hour and in some rare cases, a full hour. It is a noble and intimate process that will make you wish you had the same connection with a human being.

What happens during the ritual?

The swans dance and move their long graceful necks in an almost artistic gesture. They start by circling one another in the water while maintaining undivided attention on one another.

  1. The display

This is the first thing that they do. It is like checking someone out, like humans do but with infinitely more love than lust involved here.

They meet one another and start moving in almost synchronised movements. These increase in intensity until they are in perfect synchronisation. This seemingly manic preening will then become something else, like a dance that bonds the two swans.

When they drape their necks, the copulation is about to begin.

  1. The act of copulation

Swan sex is as graceful as their walk. The male precedes to mount the female swan. The pair first have to get into the suitable positions. When the male gets on top of the female, she should be sitting low in the water because of his weight.

They gain stability in the water by stretching their wings out a little bit. She raises her tail to meet his phallus and the injection of sperm is achieved.

The male holds the female by the neck with his bill and sometimes he pushes her head into the water as they both make loud sounds.

What happens after

After the duo are finished, the male dismounts and they go about their business of feeding and defending their territory and such. They will stick together and make sure not to be separated.