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Artículo The moment a mother and daughter realise they've both bought each other a puppy! Viral


The moment a mother and daughter realise they've both bought each other a puppy!



The apple doesn't fall from the tree...

Richard Poole

05 Junio 2018 15:35

For lots of families around the world, a dog is not just a pet – it’s another member of the family. Sadly though, they are only with us for a short time and when we lose them, we are left with a lot of sadness and a huge gap in the family. While the memories are never forgotten, and the sadness can never fully fade, for many families, the only way to numb the grief is to get another dog!

So when Natalie Rice’s dog sadly passed away, she and her family were obviously left devastated. With Valentine’s Day approaching, she thought it would be a good idea to surprise her mother with an early gift of a blue heeler puppy. As you might have guessed from the video title though, she was completely unaware that her mother also had a similar early Valentine’s Day gift in mind – a chocolate Labrador puppy.

Published on Natalie’s Twitter account, the video shows the moment of shock when they both realise their surprise gifts. As her mother is seen walking into the room holding a Labrador puppy in her arms, Natalie can be heard beginning to say ‘happy early Valentine’s Day’ before she stops short halfway through. There’s a few moments of silence before she scoffs and laughs!

Her mom then goes on to say, 'We’re gonna be in so much … trouble!' and a little later in the video we find out that someone had already told Natalie of the surprise but at this point she had already got the dog for her mom. A happy coincidence, but according to Natalie’s Twitter post, her second reaction, after her surprise had died down a little of course, was that 'My dad is going to kill us.'

Retweeted more than 68,000 times, with more than 235,000 likes and hundreds of comments - many of them asking for permission to share the video - plenty of people have shared in the moment.

The video has led to the creation of an Instagram page dedicated to the puppies: with the description 'Paisley & Rocky Two best buds that met through a crazy surprise' and already has 12 posts, including a couple of videos. It also spurred people on to share photos of their pets, to express how cute they thought the video was, but also to get an answer to the all important question… What did her dad say?!

Well the good news is that both Paisley and Rocky are now members of the family and Natalie’s dad let both of them stay. @Natalie119911 replied to another user who had asked this question saying that ‘we're keeping both he didn't have much of a choice honestly’.