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Artículo This magical Harry Potter tattoo is causing an uproar online Viral


This magical Harry Potter tattoo is causing an uproar online



Could this be Harry Potter's most dedicated fan?

Andreas Kirkinis

28 Mayo 2018 13:20

How far would you go to show your love for your favourite series? Hardcore fans of TV shows, musicians, films, and books have figured out so many ways to be part of their community: writing fan fiction or creating new art inspired by what they love, spending money supporting their faves by buying merchandise and attending events, and even fervently defending their honour to non-believers.

Harry Potter is a prime example of a world that has seen its fan-base increase so much to rival some of the longest-running 'worlds' in the pop culture universe, including Marvel, DC comics, and Star Wars. The tattoo in the video is a sure sign of how committed hardcore Potterites are in showing their affection for the fantasy series.

The artwork depicts several scenes and characters from the magical books. The video starts by displaying Harry's Patronus, the manifestation of his protective guardian, which takes the form of the animal his father, James Potter, used to transform into: a stag. The Patronus is summoned with the 'expecto patronum' spell, and it is brought forward to charge at the forces of darkness. In the books, these are represented by the dementors — creatures that sap vitality and joy from individuals to sustain themselves.

The camera then pans to show Harry's face, older and haggard, presumably depicting him in one of the later books. He has a determined look on his face, his now-instantly recognisable lightning scar visible on his forehead. The camera then moves forward and upward, to show the face of He Who Must Not Be Named — Lord Voldemort, if you're brave enough to utter his name! — staring Harry down, their wands both at the ready to face each other down in a duel to the death.

Between the hero and the villain of the series is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, the three powerful wizard artefacts. The symbol is a triangle on the outside, a circle inside it, and a line running vertically down both of them, splitting them in the middle. The triangle represents the Invisibility Cloak, the circle is for the Resurrection Stone, and the line stands for the Elder Wand.

As the camera moves further up the fan's arm, you can see a procession of boats magically moving towards the other side of the river, illuminated by a supernatural source of light. Towering above them, almost as if carved into the rocks, is the huge structure that is the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the location where most of the series takes place. Between its turrets is the school crest, depicting the four houses and their animal symbols: a lion for brave Gryffindor, a badger for loyal Hufflepuff, a snake for wily Slytherin, and an eagle for clever Ravenclaw. The school motto, in Latin, is 'draco dormiens nunquam titilandus' — 'never tickle a sleeping dragon'!

Finally, above all else, the tattoo shows the head of a beautiful snow owl — most likely Hedwig, t owned by Harry in the books.

Would you go so far to commemorate what you love? If so, what would your tattoo show?