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Artículo This teen callously threw a kitten into the street and is now wanted by the police Viral


This teen callously threw a kitten into the street and is now wanted by the police



Police say they know who the suspect is, but are witholding his name due to his age

Anna Freeman

04 Diciembre 2017 16:47

* Warning: Graphic images some people may find disturbing

A California police department is investigating a disturbing video posted to social media that shows a teen boy throwing a defenceless kitten across the street.

The graphic video was posted to Snapchat, the Ontario (Ca.) Police Department said in a statement. Police said a local 16-year-old, identified on the social media platform as ‘Charlie’, is believed to be the person of interest.

The kitten was seen hitting the ground, clearly in shock and pain. Although the suspect has yet to be found and arrested, police say they have located the cat’s owner.

‘The kitten survived the incident, but did suffer an injured leg,’ the agency said in a press release. ‘The Inland Valley Human Society is assisting with the investigation and the care of the injured animal.’

The cat’s owner, Perla, and her mother told NBC4 the video is too upsetting to watch. The cat is a stray they found four months ago and named ‘Spots.’

The owner said she hopes the teen is charged with animal abuse. ‘I just want him to know he hurt a victim that can’t defend itself,’ she said.

Police said they are withholding the suspect’s name due to his age – but neighbours have said they know who he is.