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Artículo A teenager saved a two-year-old boy who fell on the train tracks Viral


A teenager saved a two-year-old boy who fell on the train tracks



Real heroes are among us

07 Mayo 2018 17:50

You often see superheroes on TV and admire their bravery and fearlessness. But how often do you see a real-life situation where someone jeopardises their own safety to save an innocent child? We must admit, although it seems the only logical thing to do, it takes a lot of boldness to put your life at stake and jump onto the railway to save someone else’s life.

What actually happened?

As you can see in the video, a toddler (a two-year-old) named Mohamed fell onto the metro tracks in Milan, Italy. The mother starts to panic but, luckily, a brave 18-year-old jumped onto the tracks, saving the child. Thanks to the quick reaction of Lorenzo Pianazza, Mohamed was back in his mother’s hands again. However, this video is a chilling warning for all parents who may not have an eye on their children at all times.

How many people are involved in railway accidents?

According to data by Eurostat, the convenience of the railway transport also has its bad elements. Namely, just in 2016, 1,742 people were either fatally or severely hurt in railway accidents in 28 EU countries. Unfortunately, that number increases every year and we can’t rely on Lorenzo to save us all.

Happy thoughts

On a more happy note, Metro Trains Melbourne has had a terrific ‘Be Safe Around Trains’ campaign which ‘gave birth’ to one of the most interesting songs on YouTube - Dumb Ways to Die. At first glance just witty, this song also has an educational connotation and a strong message to look after yourself when you’re close to trains, railways, and crossings.

Final thoughts

Stories like this often restore your faith in history. You often see videos like this one captured by closed-circuit cameras all over the globe. Furthermore, accidents like this one could happen to anyone, not only children. It’s important to stay calm and try to get back to safety as soon as possible.