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Artículo A deer and a Pitbull are separated by a fence - but then discover their similarities Viral


A deer and a Pitbull are separated by a fence - but then discover their similarities



Unlikely animal friendships are a firm favourite on the internet, and this one is no different

03 Mayo 2018 16:42

Have you ever seen Dances with Wolves? What about Dances with Pitbull? Sometimes unusual friendships happen among humans, and it is no different with animals. Dogs and cats can live together and be the best of friends, in the same way a monkey can take care of a dog. What element do they all have in common? The dog.

Imagine you’re just having a quiet day, and suddenly a wild animal approaches your property. Should you be pick up your camera and start recording? Probably, because something amazing is about to happen.

What occurs when a deer comes near a powerful Pitbull? This fearful deer doesn’t get intimidated by this dog’s bark at all. See his tail? He definitely wants to play! So, Zeke the pitbull starts daring the deer to a race.

Zeke’s mom Margaret Wray even said they both had so much fun that the deer came back to play again twice that afternoon. Animals seemingly see no colours, shapes or races among each other and this Pitbull is no different. Like any other dog, he is a social and playful buddy, always ready to have a good time.

Animals can teach us a lot about getting on with those that are different from us. The Pitbull is one of the most controversial breeds. Many love them while others fear them. Zeke is the perfect example of how caring and affectionate Pitbulls can be.

Who do you think wins the race? This dog runs like crazy, but a deer can reach up to 50 km/h. Can you imagine how much fun they would have if there wasn’t a fence between them?

Do you love unlikely friendships? Share this video and leave your thoughts. Who do you think will win this game of hide-and-seek? What new game would they play if there wasn’t a fence separating them?