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Artículo This video of a 'ghost motorbike' without a driver has social media freaking out Viral


This video of a 'ghost motorbike' without a driver has social media freaking out



What would you do if you saw this creepy sight?

Andreas Kirkinis

05 Junio 2018 13:34

Everyone loves a good ghost story, right? Especially the ones that you can't do away with using logic. You can see a guy revving his motorbike for some reason, and down the opposite side of the highway comes a motorbike in a straight line, but nobody's driving it. What gives? Was it a stray member of a ghost biker gang? The first self-aware motorcycle? Or was it simply a freak of nature?

A similar case happened last year in France when another riderless 'ghost motorcycle' appeared to be driving along a French highway. The French newspaper Le Parisien showed a video of the strange occurrence, which depicted the bike riderless and driving on a lane of the A4 Autoroute before vanishing from sight.

Afterwards, Le Parisien managed to track down the owner of the mysterious vehicle who, as it turns out, had had an accident with another vehicle shortly before the video was filmed. The owner fruitlessly looked for his bike after the collision but he was unsuccessful. A stunt motorcyclist, Jean-Pierre Goy, said that motorbikes without a rider can sometimes continue on for more than half a kilometre before falling over: 'I've seen motorcycles ride like this even longer, especially with the cruise control blocked.'

Of course, ghostly modes of transportation are nothing new in urban legends. Arguably the most famous is the 18th-century tale of the Flying Dutchman, the ship that is cursed to sail the seas for all eternity, its destiny to never be capable of making port. Supposed sightings of the cursed vessel describe it as bathed in a ghostly light. If a ship of the living hails the Flying Dutchman, its crew will try to send messages to land and to loved ones who have been dead for centuries. The ghost ship can also supposedly travel under the surface of the ocean.

A lesser-known legend of a ghostly ship is the one of the Caleuche, from north Chilote mythology and the folklore of the Chilean Chiloé Island. The legend says that this giant phantom of a vessel is self-aware and sentient. It appears as a beautiful white sailing ship, brightly lit, with the sounds of a great party happening on board. Just as soon as it appears, it disappears without a trace once again. The legend also says that the ship is capable of navigating underwater, much like the Flying Dutchman.

There are many versions of the legend explaining the existence of the Caleuche. One claims that its crew is entirely made up of sailors who have drowned and three mythical Chilote figures bring them to the ship so they can continue on existing as if they were still alive. Another version suggests that the Caleuche puts on the façade of a raucous party to entice living sailors into boarding and enslaving them as part of its undead crew for the rest of eternity. Yet another version says that the Warlocks of Chiloé use the magical ship for their parties and transporting their goods.